Mat leave: Month 1 (Aug 2018)

My maternity leave is going far too quickly and so I decided I wanted to do some posts about each month so I have somewhere to look back and remember!

As the little man didn’t fancy making an appearance until 2 weeks after my due date I actually finished work 6 weeks before he was born! It was good timing during a super hot summer in a sweltering design studio although being heavily pregnant during a heatwave is not particularly comfortable wherever you are. πŸ˜‚ HOWEVER I loved this time, it gave me some much needed chill time, time to concentrate on my hypnobirthing techniques (more on that later) and also to clean and tidy obsessively!! – I definitely went through the ‘nesting’ phase!

I took part in the ‘Make it in design’ summer school, which was good and gave me something to experiment with creatively, (see my portfolio for some of the work I created) I hung out with my youngest sister who had some free time before starting her teacher training year and as they say walking helps encourage labour (I’m calling bullshit on that) I did a fair bit of walking!

I was very lucky and had a rather smooth sailing pregnancy, had a later scan to check my fluid levels as they had been on the higher side (all was fine) pic in gallery of little man sucking his thumb if you can make it out!

Featured pic – very possibly the last photo of bump!


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