Welcome Jacob Otto Fletcher!! Born 9/9/18 weighing 7lbs 7oz.

I know it sounds cliche and I’m sure everyone says it, but it was honestly the most amazing experience ever! I’m not going to go into the birth story now I’ll save that for another post, I do feel its important to share positive birth stories as there are so many horror stories out there!

The first hazy days were wonderful, a lot of visitors obviously, but we didn’t feel bombarded – we were excited to show you off. You had your first trip out of the house on day 3 to our fave local coffee place Baltzersens. 

After a week you were already starting to smile – people can say it was wind if they like haha but I know when I stroked your face you reacted with a smile! 

The next weeks were filled with introducing you to everyone, staring at you for hours ha, taking ALOT of pictures, going for walks and lots of cuddles.

Mat leave: Month 1 (Aug 2018)

My maternity leave is going far too quickly and so I decided I wanted to do some posts about each month so I have somewhere to look back and remember!

As the little man didn’t fancy making an appearance until 2 weeks after my due date I actually finished work 6 weeks before he was born! It was good timing during a super hot summer in a sweltering design studio although being heavily pregnant during a heatwave is not particularly comfortable wherever you are. 😂 HOWEVER I loved this time, it gave me some much needed chill time, time to concentrate on my hypnobirthing techniques (more on that later) and also to clean and tidy obsessively!! – I definitely went through the ‘nesting’ phase!

I took part in the ‘Make it in design’ summer school, which was good and gave me something to experiment with creatively, (see my portfolio for some of the work I created) I hung out with my youngest sister who had some free time before starting her teacher training year and as they say walking helps encourage labour (I’m calling bullshit on that) I did a fair bit of walking!

I was very lucky and had a rather smooth sailing pregnancy, had a later scan to check my fluid levels as they had been on the higher side (all was fine) pic in gallery of little man sucking his thumb if you can make it out!

Featured pic – very possibly the last photo of bump!


Moon Child

I thought I would take a minute to write a bit about the childrenswear business I co-own with my lovely friend! (I say childrenswear, but we also do baby and adult clothing now too!)

You can find us here:

Knowing that we wanted to work together on a kidswear range, our first meeting took place in Emma’s kitchen – with Fleetwood Mac playing on the record player, and strangely enough a full moon outside (!) – we researched online, doodled and discussed ideas. We knew two things: we wanted to create eco-friendly, cruelty free products and that they should be gender neutral with an emphasis on the outdoors and kids being kids… so from it ’MOON CHILD’ was born!! Since then, we have sourced suppliers that fit with our Moon Child core values of being part of a fairer world and created products that reflect this.

We are continually improving and adding to our products, our more recent art prints are screen printed using eco friendly inks onto recycled card and we are always looking for ways we can create products that have as little impact on our environment as possible, whilst still maintaining a fun unisex style!

In December 2018 we gathered a team of brand reps and enthusiasts to help spread the Moon Child magic, with them on board and some new products in mind we are super excited for the year ahead!

Stay up to date with all the Moon Child happenings on Instagram (@moonchild_uk)

Featured image is our ‘Stay Wild’ jumper, with ‘Moon Child’ on the reverse, one of our new products for 2019 – coming soon! You can see more examples of the designs I have done in my portfolio section.


Allow me to re-introduce myself…

My name is Soph!

As a creative person, I have that problem where my head is always filled with more ideas than I actually have time for and I go round in circles annoying myself. However, I am currently sat in my living room, a sleeping baby (please don’t wake up yet, please don’t wake up yet) on one side and a cat on the other enjoying the peace and quiet. Usually when he naps I take the opportunity to run around like an idiot trying to get various things done, but I have decided I need to slow down. And as someone who feels like they gave birth yesterday, blinked and now he’s suddenly a 4 month old I would quite like time to slow down a bit too!

I have decided to scrap my old website and start again afresh. It was frustrating me, I posted on there for the sake of it, putting pressure on myself to do so and then not having the time to make it what I wanted it to be. SO this is me, new, updated! I am going to post about a mixture of my work and my personal life and I’m actually going to take the time to type up my thoughts and not just plonk a picture up with the design name. A lot of exciting things have happened in my life over the last couple of years and whilst they won’t really be interesting for other people to read I would quite like one place where I can look back on everything, as well as sharing some of my work (in an organised way for once) with the world!

I often get carried away taking on too much work and trying too hard to tick things off a list (I’m aware I’ve now given myself another job to do) but this is my way to remind myself to slow down. I’m not going to pressurise myself to post things regularly I’m going to take the time to sit and enjoy my thoughts spilling onto the page, hopefully it will clear my mind to allow me to be more productive and as is always my aim – to create something that looks a bit lovely!

(Pic: Bow river, Banff, Canada 2017)

Peace & love x